Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wyoming, The Stalker State

I am being stalked by the state of Wyoming! No, seriously! Over the past four weeks, I've received about two mailings a week to come Visit Wyoming. Last week I got something everyday. Today, I'm not kidding here, today I received FIVE pieces of mail urging me to vacation in Wyoming! Come to Jackson Hole. One piece of mail was a large envelope with a bunch of fliers inside. They've spent nearly enough on postage to just bring me there and let me spend my money on dining and other local places!! Why the sudden desperation to have visitors come to Wyoming? I assure you Wyoming, you are not forgotten. And I am happy to tell you, I've driven through you twice! I know you're there. Please stop sending me mail everyday.

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Steph said...

You know, there's a very tasteless joke in this post that I shall not mention except to say that perhaps the State of Wyoming should work on itself before reaching out to others.