Monday, December 28, 2009

Broadway Game

Okay, I'm reposting my game again that nobody plays :( I really would like to know your answers!! I'm also adding in some shows that were not on Broadway when I saw them, but now are - and one that is heading there next year.


What Broadway shows have you seen?

What was the last one you saw?

Have you seen any in New York?

Try to remember, make a list here! Don't include local productions of shows.

Shows I have seen:

Xanadu (Sacramento, Jan 2010)
The Fantasticks (Off Broadway, December 5th, 2009)
Burn the Floor (Broadway, December 3rd, 2009
Memphis (Broadway, December 4th, 2009)
Finian's Rainbow (Broadway, October 31, 2009)
Bye, Bye Birdie (Broadway, October 30, 2009)
Spring Awakening (November 2009)
American Idiot (pre Broadway, Berkeley Rep, September/November 2009)
South Pacific (2009)
Wishful Drinking (Berkeley Rep, 2009, now Broadway)
In The Next Room (Berkeley Rep, 2009, now Broadway)
The Little Mermaid (Broadway, January 2009)
9 to 5 (pre Broadway, 2008, Los Angeles)
Phantom of the Opera
White Christmas
700 Sundays
The Exonerated
The Lion King
42nd Street
(Broadway, August 2004, my first show in New York!)
Lestat (pre Broadway, tanked shortly after opening)
Rent (regular tour, and tour with Pascal and Rapp (2009))
Mambo Kings (pre Broadway, never made it)
Lennon (pre Broadway, tanked shortly after opening)
Legally Blonde (pre Broadway and touring production, Los Angles and Sacramento)
Mamma Mia
The Light in the Piazza
Edward Scissorhands
A Chorus Line
(pre Broadway revival)
Peter Pan
Dame Edna
Jesus Christ Superstar
Big River
Movin' Out
Take Me Out
(my first Broadway show!)
Swan Lake (all male version)
Cats (painful)
Little Shop of Horrors
Avenue Q
The Color Purple
Jersey Boys


I haven't posted anything in a long time. My computer was broken for about six weeks, I just got it repaired and I've been extremely busy since I got it I plan to start posting again!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Men of Melrose 2

Super hot Colin Egglesfield. He'll appear on this blog more! ;)

Men of Melrose 1

Melrose is back and the place to be! With the new round of tenants comes some new eye candy. First up, Shaun Sipos as Davis


Today something happened on BART that happens as often as Halley's Comet make an appearance: I had a conversation with someone! The 5:01 train was unusually crowded, and as I sat next to a lady who actually smiles, I commented, "The train is really crowded this evening." Her response, well first let me tell you my thoughts. I look at commuting as a complete waste of my time and money. I could do a lot more my two hours and $200 plus dollars a month. I used to walk or roller blade to work in of charge and lived a more interesting life with more personal time.
Her response, "Yes it is. I'm just so happy to have an hour of alone time." Alone time? If you know me, you know I find a great deal of BART passengers completely annoying! They're either listening to their headphones too loud, I guess they don't get the concept of headphones!, talking too loud on the telephones sharing too much information with the entire car, typing too loud, breathing on me, gross!, or taking the entire seat, smashing me up against the window. I find it anything but enjoyable. She then explained that it's the only time she gets to herself to read and sit down. Once home, she has to cook, clean and "deal with teenagers". I suggested she ride around on BART a little longer. We both laughed. She went back to her book and I went back to longing for my walking days.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The W's have lost it this weekend

West and Williams that is. What a bad sport Serena Williams is, swearing, threatening the judge, making a complete fool out herself, and showing her true colors, all because she lost. Stupid bitch. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. What a stupid ass hole you are. How selfish to go on stage and take the microphone away from that girl - yes, Taylor Swift is still a minor - she's a girl. How dare you steal her moment away from her. At least Beyonce showed enough class to let Taylor Swift have her moment when she won, calling Taylor out to give her speech. You are a f*cking idiot and I hope this ruins your career. Why don't you and Serena crawl into some hole were bad sports go and stay off our television sets. I'm not even going to post photos of you two losers.

Ryan Kwanten

If only True Blood weren't a cable show!

Matthew Mitcham

Sexy Aussie Athlete

John Stamos

46 and hotter than ever

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ABBAloutely Amazing!

I went online to search for entertainment while I'm up in Tahoe. Harvey's, Montbleu, Harrah's, and came across at the South Shore Room (at Harrah's) called Abbacadabra. An ABBA tribute band. Okay, so I knew the songs would be fun and the price was so right, so how bad could it be? The show started and I knew it was going to be a good show. As the show progressed, it was becoming a great show. Half way through the "concert", it was evident that this was the second coming of ABBA. If I had taken out my contact lenses and forgotten that ABBA no longer performed, I could have sworn I was at an ABBA concert. The vocals, the costumes, the energy this group puts out it just fantastic. If you're an ABBA fan, this is a must see "concert" performance!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I was in Los Angeles over the weekend and had a pre-show snack and cocktail over at the Hollywood and Highland Mall in Hollywood. We ended up in uWink, because it looked interesting. The restaurant was clean, not crowded and with our 45 minute time limit, seemed like a good bet. uWink proved to be a good choice. I ordered the Bacardi Razberri Mojito for my drink. The drink was small, but packed a punch. I could taste the alcohol. Many places put more filler than actual alcohol content. I would recommend a cocktail at uWink. For my snack I ordered the hummus platter. The platter came with an assortment of carrot sticks, broccoli, cucumber slices and pita bread, grilled to perfection. There was even enough pita for dipping and enough left over to spoon out and eat. That never happens. Usually you're left with too many "dippers" and not enough "dip". Not the case at uWink. The service was great - we were immediately greeted and seated, our food and drinks came quickly after they were ordered and our "server" for lack of a better term, came to the table right away and explained how uWink works. That's where it gets a little odd. uWink definitely does not promote socializing. Right in the center of the table is monstrous screen where you place your orders and can then play games. The screen takes up a very large portion of the table, making sharing food items extremely difficult, the order screen and variety of games found on promotes anti-socialism. If the screen were pushed down into the table so you could easily see and communicate (and share!) with the person you're with, it would be great. I will say, the layout did keep the two tables full of children quiet. When we were being seated and I saw hoards of children around us, I expected the typical unpleasant dining experience, parents who won't control their children, running, screaming, food everywhere, you know the disasters I'm talking about. Not the case, in fact, except for the music playing (I recall "My Humps" from the Black Eyed Peas), the place was very quiet because everyone nobody was talking to anyone - they were all focused on their touch screens. As an adult wanting to socialize with my companions, I did not like the touch screen factor. As an adult wanting to dine without unruly children about, I loved it!

"Privileged" hottie Ignacio Serricchio

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Milo Ventimiglia

Hit the gym and lost his shirt. As it should be.