Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get A Clue!!

There should be a pre-screening test before people can buy theatre tickets. One or two complete morons should not be allowed to ruin the experience for other people. Case in point: yesterday I took a friend of mine to see Wicked, this was a special surprise and was supposed to be a special day for her. She was able to block it out better than I was, I on the other hand, was about ready to explode. These two stupid, idiotic, rude bitches in front of us made the entire experience downright miserable for me. The worst viewing experience I have ever had in a theatre. They found a way to be annoying on not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR levels! FOUR! The only reason I didn't make a complete scene is because I worked there for 3 1/2 years. I did tell them to be quiet, but that only took care of two of the problems. First annoyance: They kept talking to each other, in regular voices, they weren't even whispering. Second annoyance: the hamburger and french fries the woman kept digging for in her purse. NOT ALLOWED in a theatre. This isn't a movie theatre, this is a friggin' live theatre! Third annoyance: one of the women was not blind, but needed the descriptive device to aid her, okay, that's fine, but keep it at a level JUST FOR YOU!! The entire show I heard "Glinda exits" and blah blah blah. Fourth annoyance: These two very large black women acted like they were in a Southern Baptist Church. Throughout the entire show they kept commenting, amen-ing, oh girl-ing, no she didn't-ing, in loud voices, like anyone in a ten row radius gave a damn what these two annoying bitches thought. All I can say is I hate them so much, and I let them know that they were making the entire experience miserable. Of course, they didn't care, but at least I said something. I also reported them for the food and that was put a stop to.