Sunday, December 28, 2008

Say What?

When did D.L. Hughley become a CNN host?? I missed that one. Will George Lopez be hosting The Today Show next?

Two blocks in L.A.

I'm on layover at LAX and went for a short walk, literally, two blocks, and in that time I saw a man playing "chicken" across six lanes of traffic with his Taco Bell bag, because he apparently thought that was a better option than the crosswalk. He didn't get it, so watching him run all over the place with cars honking at him was rather humorous. Idiot. It was 7pm, but night nonetheless, so the "girls" were out. The "girls"? The prostitutes okay! Like the ones Samantha had a feud with, and then partied with on 'Sex and the City'. The best was the old man in the electric wheelchair that saw apparently one of his enemies in the liquor store, he turned that chair on full blast and mowed the guy over! Shouted some obscenities at him and then took off. Why was I in the liquor store? You try working a couple of flights from JFK and LAX - you'd need a drink too! It was either that or go to that overpriced restaurant I referred to back in October for the mini $13.00 cosmo.

My First Flight Celebrity

My first onboard celebrity was Edward Burns. My first official flight (not a test or a observation flight) was from JFK to San Francisco and Ed Burns and family were up in first class. I am happy to report he is very, very nice. He was very cool to us onboard and he was very good with his kids. He was a pleasure to have onboard!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Want What?!!?

Apparently ordering just a salad in VA is unheard of. At least near Dulles airport. My friend Junice and I went to the mall before our flight home that evening and really wanted a salad. The Mall Directory was odd, only listing the anchor stores, Nordstroms, Macy's, Lord & Taylor etc, so we asked in Nordstroms, where Junice purchased some lipstick, where in the mall is a salad restaurant. The saleslady looked us in awe and finally replied: You want a restaurant that serves nothing but a salad? There's nothing like that." We were both like, ummm, okay, Fresh Choice? Sweet Tomatoes? We finally found the food court, which had nothing but fried foods and Taco Bell. We couldn't do it. We did find a restaurant that had salad....but they found it odd that I didn't order pasta as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sorry for the Hiatus

I know it's been a few weeks since I've had time to write anything. I've been in training since Nov 10th....some pretty intense training. Between homework, some days 5 hours of drive time and not getting enough sleep, I've had no free time. Well, training is over, and hopefully I'll be writing more. Does anyone even read this??