Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jesus Christ Superstar Revival 2012

Paul Young as Judas and Josh Nolan as Jesus. Looks good to me!

Matt Lanter

Just another pointless "drool post"

Theatre Memories

I'm in a mood and reminiscing about my beloved theatre days. Here are six of my favorite moments from the best times of my (work) life:
1. Chatting over coffee with a shirtless Patrick Cassidy (heeey)
2. Finding an intoxicated "Madame Morrible" (Carole Kane) drunk in an unused dressing room
3. Bribing a delightful Linda Ronstadt to stay for a meet and greet with chocolate
4. Dancing, drinking, dating and just having fun with the Lion King cast and crew.
5. Meeting Betty Garrett, Georgia Engel, Lee Meriwether and Danny Goggin.
6. EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! But also sharing the magic of theatre with friends

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tribble Reese

No words necessary!

James Marsden

I think it's time for another Marsden posting!