Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fabu: Defined

So some of you have asked: Who or What is a Fabu? To begin, in some parts of the world she is legendary. No, it's true. Go to the south of Brazil and ask any Brazilian on the street about the Legend that is Fabu! Her tales are known far and wide. On the homefront, she is my bestest, most favouritest...let me pause here for a moment; when referring to Fabu, it is proper to use improper English, because there are few words to describe her FABUlousness (get it!) - so, back to the original thought now - she is my bestest, most favouritest, most FABUlous friend in the entire midwestern region of the United State of America. YA! Some people go to Denver to ski, to hike, to rough it; those in the know, go for Fabu and Deb's Pub, the bar in her house, where everyone really does know your name. I know, now you're asking "Is that her name?". I know this because some of you have said or written, "Is that her name?". A little back history, Fabu and I got off work at 1:30 in the afternoon. 1:30 was our 5pm, seeing as how we got up at 3! Yes, we all ready had lunch and raised unholy hell throughout the entire downtown area before most people ever hit the snooze button on their alarm clocks! Back to the thought....as a result, we were often, well, trashed by 2:30, especially on Thursdays, or as I like to call it, Friday Eve. One ngiht (it was OUR night, so shut up!) during our enlightened state, I was trying to say her last name, and it came out as "Fabu", and stuck to her like glue. Now, something else you should know, in Denver my friends call me Fox or Foxxy. Fabu calls me Foxxy Baby! In that moment, Foxy and Fabu were born. Oprah, if you're reading and looking to expand your empire, doesn't Foxy and Fabu have the ring of a morning show? And now, those of you who didn't know, know. You have been enlightened. I dare you to partake in the Foxy and Fabu experience! Shots, all around!

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