Friday, April 11, 2008

Red Light Runner's Piss Me Off To No End

Here's one of those rants I mentioned would come in my first blog. What is the deal with RED LIGHT RUNNER's!! They piss me off to no end. I mean seriously - I want to ask these a**holes what makes them so special. And I'm not talking about going faster to make the light while it's still yellow - I'm talking the deliberate, 'I-am-above-the-law' runner's. First of all, they rarely get caught. If they did - I wouldn't see this problem on a DAILY basis. I know some are just arrogant bastards and some just chose not to read. I used to work in this one area, where there was clearly a "keep this area clear" spot on the road - written in the six foot tall letters with the giant white lines framing it. Nearly every day I would have jackas**es honking at me because I was obeying the law. I even saw a guy shaking his fists at me one time. THE LIGHT WAS RED JERK!! Today, as with many days, there is clearly a 'no turn on red sign' at an intersection near my current home - yet, people who are above the law, constantly run it. The best one is when your light has turned green and one...two...three...four cars are still going from the previous green. Really, I want to ask these people who they think they are! One time a red light runner totaled my car, after his Titanic of a vehicle shoved me into the intersection, where I smashed into another car, that smashed into another car. My seat broke, I flew up and hit the winshield. Ya, I had the seatbelt on, but the seat broke!! I don't know what happened to the gal that was taken away strapped down to a stretcher, but as for me, well, I lost my car and got no insurance for it. You see, I had to choose between school books and car insurance that month - couldn't do both. I lost my car, couldn't go to school, spent two weeks in bed in drugs and six months at the chiropractor. You know what his excuse was - he said he "didn't have time to stop". But causing an accident and ruining lives was a viable option!!! A time saver!! I wanted to beat that muther fu**er with my tennis racket, but I couldn't find the trunk of my car to get it! So if you're a habitual red light runner who happens to be reading this - think about the lives you can ruin because your'e apparently above the law. If you're a habitual red light runner who happens to be reading this - please tell me why you pepole do this sh**. Anyone else, feel free to comment or share your tales. This is an epidemic that must be stopped!!! These people must pay!

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Steph said...

OMG, you are so singing my song with this one! Although I would love to add anyone who drives with a deliberate recklessness and without courtesy or any thought whatsoever to their fellow drivers.

...and I laughed at the sentence "What makes you so special?" That's what I scream through my windshield whenever I run into one of these assholes.