Friday, April 11, 2008

Ten Things That Make Me Laugh

So, I'm my own guest in this blog! This is a copy and paste from Myspace:

(in no particular order)

Warning: May not make sense if you aren't part of it or haven't heard about it

1: The Dance-Off (and that entire night) in Vancouver

2: Gardenia & Woods

3: Tyler and Patrice

4: Naza and Rita

5: Running across the boarder from Paraguay to Brazil (not funny at the time)

6: Nights out with Giuliano and the phrase "I got a new cell phone"

7: The time Anne Marie and I were the freaks

8: That Saturday in Puerto Rico, "Holy Shi*!"

9: All my birthdays in Brazil (my friends are crazy)

10: Drunk with Fabu, a 20ft Gumby and the Mercedes


Anonymous said...

Gardenia & Woods

LOL - I Love G & W - miss the to all hell but love them -


Fabu said...

I remember the days when Foxxy lived in Colorado. Getting off work at 1:30 and being well on our way to inebriation. By 2:30 we have traveled the globe twice, and some days we even saw the Virgin Mary staring down upon us ( and a bunch of other people praying in the freekin gutter blocking traffic).

And yes, Gumby will never be forgotten. He really was one of a kind - traveling around town in a mercedes sticking his head out of the sunroof (or is it moonroof), and then riding a 10 speed bike all afternoon.

The memories will never fade.