Monday, August 1, 2011

Dolly! Dolly! Dolly!

Sunday, June 24, 2011, John and I attended the Dolly Parton 'Better Day' tour at the Concord Pavilion (now called the Sleep Train Pavilion).

What an incredible experience this turned out to be!
Not only was this what I consider to be Dolly's finest concert (of the three I've seen), but I was also lucky enough to be part of the select few to go backstage and meet Dolly!! I still can't believe it!! I had joined the online membership to get pre-sale tickets so I could purchase better seats,
having no idea that I would have the opportunity to be selected for a meet and greet! Then it came: Sunday morning I received the email that I had
been selected
to meet
Dolly Parton!

After picking up my meet and greet sticker, and after a vodka cran, I made my way to the designated area and I'm in the line with about six other people in front of me to meet Dolly, and some other people behind me. After the token wheelchair kid came out, I knew we'd be going in. It was quick, but still wonderful. We walked to the back of the outside stage area, by her bus and there was a photo spot set up. When it was my turn she looked at me, motioned to come over and said "Well, hellllllllloooooooooooooooooo! Come on over here and give me a hug!" So, I did!! ha ha! She asked me how I was doing and I said "I'm wonderful!! It's such an honor to meet you". Then she said, well, let's get our picture taken. Snap, Snap, picture taken. Then she thanked me for coming, gave me a hug, said she hopes I have a great time and that she appreciates my support and wished me goodbye.

There were several Dolly Drag Queens to be found. I started giving them names:
Down-on-her-Luck Dolly (she looked like she had been hitchiking for a week to get there, had a suitcase and dollar store makeup)
Buffet Dolly - HUGE!!! With a cheap wig just kind of balanced on her head and a sparkly out fit
Wheelchair Dolly - similar to Buffet Dolly, just smaller and in a wheelchair
Saloon Dolly - totally looked like a saloon girl, and had a Dolly Doll dressed just like her
The Dolly Trio - when Dolly sang 9 to 5 these three Dolly's came running from the back seats and danced like maniacs through the aisle!

Here's the set list:

Dolly opened with a mash-up of Light of a Clear Blue Morning/Walking on Sunshine/Shine Like The Sun
Better Get To Livin'
Jolene (she sang a little as Drag Queen in place of Jolene, hyserical!)
Rocky Top
Mule Skinner Blues
Stairway to Heaven
My Tennessee Mountain Home
Precious Memories
Coat of Many Colors
Smokey Mountain Memories
Son of a Preacher Man
Better Day
Together You and I
Holding Everything
He Will Take You Higher
He's Everything

Second Act:

White Limozeen
Best of Both Worlds
The Sacrifice
In The Meantime
Little Sparrow
River Deep, Mountain High
Here You Come Again
Islands in the Stream
9 to 5


I Will Always Love You
Light of a Clear Blue Morning ('Straight Talk' version)

There was so much variety in this concert, old songs, new songs, classic songs, songs from her upcoming movie with Queen Latifah, and a song she hasn't recorded. I really enjoyed the opening mash up too and the fact that she closed and opened with Light of a Clear Blue Morning - one of my all time favorite Dolly songs.

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