Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It Works!!!

The Tide to Go Pen is awesome! I am completely amazed by this product. I've used it before for some minor things, but today, today was the Tide to Go Pen Test. I was on my way to a training class this morning - it's summer, I don't have to dress for work, so I'm wearing shorts and a white pull over shirt. I arrive at the training site, take my last swig of coffee and immediately go into a sneezing fit...leaving coffee all over the entire right side of my upper body. Great. Knowing the Pen wouldn't clear up my shirt, but hoping to at least look like less of a mess, I began rubbing the pen all over myself. It worked. IT WORKED! Sure, I walked in completely wet and practically see through in my white shirt, but after it dried - the coffee stains were gone!!!! I'm not talking a few drops, I'm talking a mouthful of coffee, from shoulder to belt. GONE!!!! This product is AMAZING! Get it! Keep it in your car!!! It's a total life saver!

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