Saturday, July 12, 2008

Firecracker on the 4th of July!

I couldn't wait for the 4th of July to FINALLY get here! I had these tickets to see Reba for months, months that felt like an eternity. I had seen Reba before, but felt this time I was getting my first "Reba concert". The first time I saw her she was on tour with Brooks and Dunn, so it was only a 45 minute solo set - amazing none the less - in fact, she even popped up 5 feet in front of me in the upper level at Arco Arena - what a surprise! Sadly, for my friend who came with me, he got up to get a beer at that moment - comes back and finds Reba in his seat! The second time I saw Reba, was even more amazing, it was the year she did her show as a Broadway musical - does anyone remember that? I wish it were out on DVD, so unique. I wish she'd do it again!
So, it's finally show time - I'm wondering who if anyone will open the show. I knew Melissa Peterman had opened for Reebs, earlier in the year, and was just hoping....sure enough! Melissa Peterman opened the show - and she is hysterical! I was laughing so hard. I would see Melissa Peterman on her own! Melissa kept referring to Reba as a firecracker, which was appropriate for the holiday. Finally Reba comes out, and delivers as expected. Then the next big surprise came. I expected Reba to perform 'Because of You', by herself. Nope. Kelly Clarkson came out and performed the duet with her. The audience was screaming - I remember shouting "shut up, shut up". Then Melissa Peterman came out again for some more great comedic interaction with Reba, walking out with a 3 foot high 4th of July card she made for Reba. Melissa asks Reba to hold her beer, then says "It's the Queen of Country holding the King of Beers". The whole Melissa Peterman routine was that she was stalking Reba since the show was cancelled - and they are best friends, just not the kind where Melissa knows where Reba lives, because Reba told her she doesn't need to know where she lives, she lives in her heart. This was truly the performance to see! Maybe I can follow Melissa, following Reba.....

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