Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wishful Drinking

I knew Carrie Fisher's one woman show 'Wishful Drinking' was going to be great, so my expectations for the night were set high. Not only did Fisher meet the bar, my bar that is, not the one out front serving the aptly named drinks, Darth Vodka (my favorite) and Princess Leia's Pleasure, she exceeded my expectations. Fisher opens the show mingling with the audience singing "Happy Days Are Here Again", casually tossing confetti at audience members, in some cases, even rubbing it into their bald heads. Later in the show she has confetti guns and shoots at the audience demanding answers to her questions. The set welcomes us into Fisher's "home", equipped with a couch, chair, and front door, a lawn gnome and an a huge apple. She wears slippers, walks around barefoot, drinks Coke zero and even dons her signature "cinnamon bun hair style". The highlight of the performance is when Fisher gives us an education on Hollywood Inbreeding 101 - complete with a board containing photos of Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher, Mike Todd and Elizabeth Taylor. Fifteen minutes into the show, I knew I had to see again. By the end of the show, my stomach hurt and face ached from laughing. This is a piece of "must see" theatre! I suggest you a) comment so I know someone read this, and b) head to Berkeley Rep stat for this limited engagement before the show heads to Broadway.


Jack said...

I am so there! I think CF is abrilliant writer. I also think Walter Winchell is doing some channeling through you! - Jack

Daphne said...

Yes! I saw the show in LA a couple of years ago and loved it! Carrie Fisher was hysterical. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were in the audience the same night I watched the show too.