Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I got ready for work this morning like I always do. I grabbed my keys, ipod, coffee mug, magazine, apple. I waited for the train like I always do. I got on, sat down, and prepared to read. After two stops I was reminded that I completely forgot something today. I forgot my gas mask. I didn't anticipate a woman sitting next to me who had just bathed in cheap perfume. She gave me a headache that lasted for hours. Thanks a lot lady. Is this some new form of terrorism? Or, are you, and everyone within 100 feet of you, just a victim of an ad campaign from another generation? Listen, whoever convinced you that lathering up in Woolworth's perfume and going out smelling like a French Bordello was a good idea was not your friend. It was a marketing campaign so you would spend more and a cruel joke on mankind. Please, please, please ladies, do you know how miserable you make everyone around you with your stench? How can you not notice the masses running from you. How can you not smell it? Oh, I guess you kill it with Aqua net.

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