Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BART Behavior

Okay, it's time for me to sound off about this potential BART strike. I get you're not happy with the contract offer, but a strike is completely irresponsible. I haven't had a raise in two and a half years, in fact, my income has been on a steady decline and I have no medical insurance I can't feel sorry for you. I especially can't feel sorry for you when you're planning on completely wrecking havoc in the Bay Area, making my life and tens of thousands of others a complete nightmare. Here in the USA where we all ready don't get enough sleep or time with friends and family, you're going to take that way from people with the traffic nightmare you're going to create. You're going to force people into 4, 5, 6 hour commutes, losing work pay all together, or causing an extreme financial hardship by forcing people to stay in hotels. You're going to separate families, forcing others to stay with friends. I'm mad as hell at you people because you're really going to F up my life. I need all the things you need too, but I can't just walk off the job and create havoc for all the other hard working, struggling people out there. HOW DARE YOU be so selfish. In fact, your trains have been delayed for me several times just in the past few days, you completely just didn't stop at my friends stop today and honestly, BART cars have disgusting and filthy. Have they EVER been cleaned? You keep raising your prices on me as my wages go down. I deserve to ride in a clean car. I deserve to not be packed in like a sardine, add a couple more cars during rush hour, for crying out loud. How dar you ruin months of planning for people with theatre tickets for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Ya, people depend on transportation for a lot things. How dare you force me to breathe air that is all ready bad, making it worse with the thousands and thousands of extra cars that will be out everyday. This isn't like a grocery store strike where we can just get milk someplace else. Think about the economic, financial, environmental and personal impact. Ya, you have, that's why you're doing it. Jerks.

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