Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down

Last week is over. Next week will begin tomorrow. I've been away from home in training, testing, spending an hour to find a parking spot for the night. It's Sunday morning, I'm waking up in my own bed, looking forward to Good Morning America Weekend, the Sunday paper and cup of coffee. My own coffee. I decide to mix double dutch chocolate and french vanilla - oh I can't wait. I prepare the coffee pot, mix my beans, pour them into the grinder...ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip and zonk. Zonk? No, no zonk. I need ziiiiiiip. Zonk doesn't grind the beans. Zonk doesn't give me the Sunday morning I've been looking forward to all week. I've got the dvr on pause, ready to hear the latest headlines. The paper is on the couch, waiting to be read. My computer is powered up, ready for me to read my 100 emails (55 of them junk) from the past week, the cats are in place.....zonk. I have a coffee pot curse on me. At least once a year the coffee pot just falls apart, no matter how cheap or how expensive it is, after a year, something falls apart. The heat unit goes out, the coffee goes on the floor instead of in the coffee pot, and I'm covered on this. There's a Mr. Coffee from the friggin' 1970's that still works, NO PROBLEM! This is a new one. My grinder has never teased me and let me down. Frantically I start plugging the grinder into every outlet, just in case. No luck. I get out the nut chopper and run the grounds through that for five minutes. The coffee comes out so/so - just not ground enough. Fortunately I have a decaf pouch taken from a hotel room and I brew 3 cups of that, and mix it with my real coffee, so I can at least drink it. Now I sit down with my almost what I wanted coffee, put the tv on play, and there GMA is teasing me with a story on Antigua. I've been to Antigua. I love the Caribbean and would rather be on a island than in this asphalt jungle - but please, please, don't tease me like that after I've just had coffee trauma!

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