Saturday, November 15, 2008

Driving is Serious People!

I've seen a lot of stupid drivers this week, but this one leaves me speechless, this woman was driving on the Bay Bridge, eating a bowl of cereal. A BOWL OF CEREAL! What the @#$# is up with that!? No wonder it takes 3 hours to get anywhere with idiots like that out there causing accidents. Then there was this bitch who wouldn't merge properly on the Bay Bridge. The lanes all merge in a zipper pattern once you've passed through the toll, as the lanes come together, drivers merge in a zipper pattern, unless you're this stupid bitch who under no circumstances was going to let a car in front of her. Oh hell no, even it requires an accident, no car was getting in front of her. I admit, I get pissed at this a**holes out there, I wouldn't let her change lanes later as part of her punishment for being an f*ing hoe-bag skank. Don't even get me started on the one's I see applying make up as they drive 65 mph. God help us all.

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