Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I think if I hear one more 'yes on 8' ad I'm going to POP OFF! This vote is asinine. Would the people of California put brining slavery back to a vote? Hell No! Would the people of California vote on taking the vote away from women? Hell No! Would the people of California vote on making interracial marriages null and void? Hell No! So why why why do people find it necessary in the friggin' 21st Century need to vote on allowing gays to have rights. Oh my god. If that damned law passes I'm leaving this idiotic state. Hear that John, you're moving out of this hell hole like it or not! I'm not staying in a place that votes I'm not a citizen like everyone else. While we're at it, let's vote on straight marriages! Why dont' all the gays complain about being taught about straight marriage in school!!!! What do you say to that California? HUH! WHAT DO YOU SAY!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU SAY YOU MORONS WHO SAY YES ON 8!!!!!!!!! Ya, you say that's not right don't you!! WELL HELLO !!!!!!!! FAIR IS FAIR SO LETS VOT ON YOU MOTHER F*ERS!

And if you need to know what popping off is, look up Tanisha on You Tube!

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