Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mexico Part 3

Our next port was Puerto Vallarta. I'm sad that I didn't get to see PV, as we decided to have a beach day, so we'll have to go back and see the town! We spent the day at a first class private spot on the beach, equipped with snorkeling, kayaking, a cooking class, a buffet for a king and a cute little dog.

We had a 45 minute speed boat ride to our hideway, "discovered" by John Huston, when he filmed 'Night of the Iguana' with Elizabeth Taylor. No, he didn't discover it, but he made it known to the U.S., helping make PV a tourist attraction. (The same happened in Acapulco after Sinatra and others "discovered" it.) This beach spot is set up to hold 150 people comfortably, with only 25 of us, we again reaped the benefits of vacationing in September! Normally a 90 catamaran ride is taken to this spot, so by cutting the travel time in half, we got an extra 90 minutes there! We of course snorkeled, swam, drank, took part in the paella cooking class, and of course, in eating the paella! I would love to see this place at night. There is no electricity there, the place is lit up at night by torches and hundreds of candles and the cooking is all done over open flame. There is a theatre, as they do night dinners and shows there, a must see when I can return.
Oh, there's a WalMart and a Sam's club right near the port....seems wrong.

We found a rock covered in crabs of all sizes, I enjoyed watching them all move around for a while. The water was clear, so I was able to keep watch on my ankles as well!

Our next port was Cabo San Lucas. Again, I need to go back and see Cabo. We did the Dolphin Trainer for a Day here. This was 6 hours of pure delight. The place was not crowded, there were only 4 of us on the excursion, so we got a LOT of extra time playing with our dolphins! We spent some time with the birds, were outfitted with hats, shorts and shirts we were able to keep, taught training commands, fed, swam, danced and played with the dolphins all day. We had an excellent lunch, cooked by a chef, not just a sandwich as we had anticipated! I kind of want to be a dolphin trainer after that!!! The center was right on the pier, so we had time to grab a couple of souvenirs and a two beers before boarding the ship for the last time.

We had another two glorious days at sea, first class treatment, new friends, great entertainment and amazing food before we had to get off, let other people have our room, our butler, our concierge..but not our memories!

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