Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mexico Part 2

Our fourth day was another day at sea. Day five was Acapulco! This was our longest stay at a port, we were there from 8am until 12:30 am, allowing us time to do three excursions. In the morning we went to the Petroglyphs, which have been dated to 2,500 BC, before the Aztecs or Mayans. We had a great hike to the top of the mountain, overlooking Acapulco Bay.

After the historical part of the excursion was over we had a snack a great little Mexican restaurant. The place stopped at reminded me a lot of the places I used to frequent in Brazil, I felt right at home and was pleased that my Spanish was coming back to me when I needed it. It was buried back in my brain after all!

We had time go back to the ship and clean up before our midday sail around Acapulco Bay. The driver educated us a bit on the history of Acapulco while we sailed the bay. Following the 2 1/2 trek, we went back to the ship, for cocktails and clean up again for our night excursion. The first part of the excursion took us to one of the top ten restaurants in Acapulco (I wish I could remember the name of it!). The restaurant was right on the bay; the atmosphere, service, presentation and food were all exquisite. I had the best sea bass I've ever had there! After dinner the bus took us to see the famed Cliff divers. It's not a long show, but it's breathtaking. How these guys dive off these cliffs, some backwards, is beyond me! The guide said there have never been any deaths in the 85 year history, but there have been two people blinded, one guy lost his hearing, lots of broken bones, and one or two people left paralyzed. I don't want a desk job, but, that may be too extreme!

Our next port was Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo. Zihuatanejo, a small port town, very charming, is the actual town in the area, Ixtapa is tourist area, with First class hotels. We didn't go to Ixtapa, but merely saw it from a hilltop. We chose to do the canopy adventure. We had such a great time last year in St. Lucia, we had to do it again in Mexico. This one was very different, in addition to the standard zipline, we also had tightrope-like walking, dangling triangles to pass through and other unique obstacles. We also had to keep a close eye out not to kick any wild ostrich in the head as we flew by! After the adventure is over, the staff load you up with some excellent tequila! I'm not a tequila fan at all, so for me to say the tequila was excellent, means, the tequila was excellent. After our canopy adventure was done, we had time to walk around Zihuatanejo before returning to the ship. Sadly, this stop was a short one, we had to be back on ship at 1:30pm. Nevertheless, we had time for another great authentic Mexican meal. Enormous $3.00 margarita's, that were very good! I'm not a margarita fan either, but, I like the real thing, not the Americanized stuff. Another thing I learned on the trip was that I like Mexican corn tortillas. I hate those color added rubber things that are passed off here as corn tortillas. In Mexico they are very light and tasty, and not artifically colored, so they are a pale yellow, almost white.

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