Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gimme A Break!!!

You've got to be kidding me. THIS is what is all over the news and the internet! This is what I've been hearing about all day: Rachael Ray wearing an ugly scarf in a Dunkin' Donuts commercial that causes so much controversy the ad gets yanked. What an embarrassment! Let's stop worrying about a scarf in an ad and direct some focus where it really counts. You want to stop something, stop the senseless deaths of men and women in war everyday. Stop the destruction of the Amazon which will ultimately led to the destruction of us all. Stop the slaughter of animal, plant and insect species all over the world. The bees are disappearing while you were busy looking at her dresser's dime store scarf. People all over the world don't have enough to eat, don't have fresh drinking water. We're over worked and underpaid. The price of gas is forcing people to choose between food and bills. There are homeless people on the street. Jobs are lost daily. People who don't deserve their jobs get coddled while deserving people are laid off because some lazy ass has 20 years seniority and only got her job because they were desperate at the time. People in the City of Tracy with a false sense of importance are constantly dragging hard working people into their offices and telling them how bad they are, reducing them to tears - over and over again. U. S. Vets aren't getting their benefits and left to fend for themselves after they lose their fucking limbs in one man's war. Half the full time working people in the U.S. don't have medical coverage. The price of college is outrageous. Our air and food are full of toxins and chemicals that I personally don't want to breathe. The midwest is hit daily by tornadoes, Katrina victims are still in poverty, our children can't spell worth shit, some can't even read, the family unit is a rerun on TV Land, hard working people are losing their homes, the government spends $30 on a hammer, education is cut so politicians can ride in private cars and jets, hospitals are overcrowded, animals are used to test of all things make up, people are killed daily by red light runners, social security won't be there for us, seniors can't afford their meds, children in third world countries are sold into sex slavery or get paid pennies a day for working in factories, the ice caps are melting, polar bears will be gone in our lifetime, a third of my paycheck is taken in taxes, probably to help pay for the Bush wedding or one of Arnold's parties, what about the puppy mills, Save the Children UK Aid workers are sexually abusing the children in war-ravaged and food-poor countries that they were supposed to be there helping. With all this going on - what tops the news is that ugly scarf!!! I'm in shock. I'm appalled. I'm disappointed.

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