Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dear Driver,

Every morning when I drive to work it's like a race track out there. I take Deer Valley to Marsh Creek to get to work in Concord. And every day, there are multiple drivers out there who drive like a bat out of hell. Some insight on these two roads: they are two lanes, some hills, and a lot of twists and turns with corners that drivers cannot see around. They're also lined with memorial crosses. That's my first clue that a road is dangerous, when there's more memorials on it than there are drivers. However, the idiots that drive this road apparently do not feel that way. In addition to the crosses, it's also decorated with the lifeless bodies of the various animals that try to survive in spite of humans. Wild turkey, raccoons, possum, squirrels, deer, chickens, dogs and cats can dart out at any moment. I know this, because their bodies line the road. Every day, some jack ass has to drive like a speed demon, and they get on my bumper like that's going to make me drive faster. I see 'em coming, sometimes passing five or six other cars on the way. Well guess what idiot, I'm not going to drive any faster! In fact, I'm going to drive slower because if I have to suddenly hit my brakes I don't want your pathetic ass in my backseat. The most obnoxious one is this woman that drives a Murango, with a jelly donut stuffed in her face every morning. Here's a thought - LEAVE ON TIME!!!! What a concept! And thanks for passing on the blind curve too. Someday when you're in a head on crash I'm going to be a part of it. All of you a-holes who drive this road every day, if you want to put your own life at risk, that's fine, but leave the rest of us law abiding citizens and safe drivers out of it. Who is supposed to patrol this road anyhow? Brentwood? Antioch? Clayton? Someone needs to get out there and citing some people. In case you're wondering, no I'm not just complaining here, I have written a local newspaper and also contacted two local police departments.


Steph said...

OMG, idiot drivers are one of my biggest pet peeves too. I can't believe the crap that some people pull in which they can get normal, law-abiding drivers hurt right along with them!

Good luck with the jerk in the Murango. If I were you I'd brake check her several times a minute, but that's because I'm a spiteful bitch.

Toni said...

People could care less about somebody else - especially on the streets where you can magnify yourself in the vehicle you drive in like a maniac. Common courtesy is a thing of the past that will hopefully be back - but I wouldn't hold my breath.