Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Be Kind to your Flight Attendant

I totally get why flight attendants can be bitchy. It all makes sense now. First of all, totally underpaid, so they are completely stressed out. Can't pay their bills, can't buy food, and need to drink more than ever, but can't afford alcohol. They never see their friends or family or pets. If they've worked at creating a garden for the past 3 years, it dies, because they aren't home to take care of it. You work more than ever, counting the time away. The time commitment is that of a full and part time job, at part time pay. If you work for an airline that has food, you spend your entire time delivering food and drinks, a sky waiter with no tips! Your feet and legs hurt from 7 hours of delivering food and drink non stop. You're hungry. So hungry, because you don't get a chance to eat and half the time you can't pee either. If you're considering being a flight attendant, DON'T DO IT! You will rue the day!!! I swear, you will regret it so much! And you can't just get out in this economy, good luck getting a job interview anywhere else. It sucks. It toally sucks. Does serving ginger ale and turkey wraps all day every friggin' day sound rewarding? NO!!! Then there's all the nights alone in a hotel room. In 4 months I've been able to venture out 4 times, because you get in too late to go anywhere and have to leave too early the next am or you're stuck at JFK which blows like you wouldn't believe. It takes an hour to get to Manhattan, and there's never time. There is $25 bad food though, but you can't afford it on this f*ing salary, so you just go hungry. Don't do it! Don't do it!!! The entire time that you're boarding, they aren't getting paid. Every problem you bring to to a flight attendant to deal with during that time, from loading your bags to your'e gonna vomit, absolutely no pay. It's mandatory volunteer time that you don't know about until you've taken the job. Also, when you're boarded on the plane and sit there for two hours bitching at the flight attendant for the delay, they're not getting paid to listen to you. Your flight attendant wants to get off the ground and get home as much as you do, even more, because they're forced working and listening to your mouth for free! FOR FREE! That has to be illegal, right?? So nest time you're on a plane, be nice to your flight attendant. He or she is hungry, lonely, broke and just wants to see their loved ones and friends and pay their bills again. Give 'em a smile and a break.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are out of there honey! My mom once told me I should be a flight know...get to TRAVEL. I said MOM...I wait tables on land FOR TIPS. Why would I do it in the air for free!