Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Great Performers I've Seen This Year

I've done a terrible job at blogging! I don't think anyone even reads it, but, I should keep it up as a record for myself if nothing else. Some of the great shows I've seen this year are Megan Hilty, Michael Carbonaro, Emily Bergl and Lynda Carter and Betty Buckley.
I've seen Megan Hilty in Wicked and the pre-Broadway of '9 to 5: The Musical' and her one woman show surely did not disappoint!

Michael Carbonaro put on an an unexpected show of magic and comedy. And look how cute he is, look at those lips ;)

Emily Bergl was a true delight!! I can't wait to see her cabaret act again!!

My second Lynda Carter show, Wicked Cool, delivered, topping the first show I saw. This woman can really entertain!!

Betty Buckley put on a show of classic Broadway tunes, old and new.

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