Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating & Marriage

Okay, I admit it, I bought my ticket to Miss Abigail's for three reasons: I wanted to do my "Off Broadway" duty during a trip to New York, Eve Plumb of 'The Brady Bunch' fame was a draw, and, very important, the discounted tickets were cheap. I walked into Sofia's Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, not knowing what type of theatre it was, expecting a regular theatre set up, and was surprised to find our front row seats were only about three inches from the stage, however, I was very excited to be so close to the action - little did I know how close I would be! While Eve Plumb as Miss Abigail is the draw, Manuel Herrera as Paco proves to be the star of the show with his latin charm, engaging personality and good looks. Paco greets audience members and does his duty as Miss Abigail's house boy and assistant tidying up the room where the show is set. The show is very audience engaging and Plumb and Herrera both do a great job in connecting with the audience. For me the highlights of the show were when in one scene, Paco is MIA, so Miss Abigail brings me on stage to carry on Paco's duties. After reaching a book Paco would normally get for her, I am sitting on the couch, reading to the audience with Miss Abigail, as a jealous Paco returns to find me in his seat. The ad libbing between myself and Hererra was thrilling, and gave me my 15 minutes of Off-Broadway fame. Both Plumb and Herrera referred to me a few times in the show and Paco shot me with bubbles from a bubble gun as I punched back, popping the bubbles of his jealousy. I very much enjoyed being a part of the show and for a few moments, the acting bug was buzzing around, attempting to bite me once again. For the curious ones out there, Eve Plumb looks fantastic! Miss Abigails' Guide to Dating, Mating & Marriage is an evening full of laughs, entertainment and plain fun. I'm not sure when the show is running until, but the website shows tickets on sale until dates in February 2011. If you find yourself in New York, I highly recommend this great show! Check out for more information.

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