Sunday, June 28, 2009

BART Etiquette

Maybe I should call this Public Transportation Etiquette, but since I ride BART almost everyday, and that is my point of reference, this is what I'm sticking to. We all need to co-mingle in this world together, and we ride with thousands of stranger each week, at the very least, have some respect for one another!

If you are a "person of size" - don't stand in the middle of the stairway so nobody can get past you - I've missed trains before because of you. Also, I realize you have the right to be there as much as I do, but I also have the right not to be smashed up against the window for 45 minutes becuase you are taking up 80% of the space that I was all ready in.

If you are a group of 2 adults and ten kids....being slow....let someone else in. You don't need to take up both of the open stalls. Yes, I have missed a train because of you as well. First I can't get past you getting in and then you all hoard on the staircase down to the station, not letting anyone else pass. Thanks a lot.

Keep your personal business to yourself! Nobody needs to listen to you for 45 minutes talking to people you owe money to, telling them how your business is in trouble, and because of the economy you can't afford to pay them. Do you really want everyone on the train to know this? You must, considering how loud you were talking. If you don't want to call the person back everytime we go through a tunnel, dont' call on BART!!!!! What you referred to as 'this stupid train' is how you got to work. We al have financial problems, sister. None of our lives are what they used to be, but we don't advertise it on public transportation.

If you have to drink so much that half of you smells like a brewery, and you don't bathe, so the other half of you smells like a sewer...STAY OFF BART! None of us want you there.

Keep the fights with your boyfriend, girlfriend, drunk friend off the train. Take it someplace else.

You don't need to push or shove. We all get on at the same time. Oh, and to those of you getting on when others are getting off....don't stand in the middle of the friggin doorway blocking it! I mean come on idiots!!

We don't need to hear your music. You are wearing head phones for crying out loud. Does the volume really need to be turned up so everyone can hear it. How are you not getting a massive headache? I know I am. If you want to share your music with the world, become a friggin' dj.

Let's just all show some respect for eachother. It seems like a hard thing to do, but it's really not! Try it!

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